How it works Tenchiu

1. Create List
2. Insert the gifts
3. The Spouses
4. Done
  • Create or copy your Wedding List in few easy steps

  • Insert the Wedding List gifts

  • Send the spouses their access data and will do the rest for you!

  • Trasferiamo i soldi direttamente sul your account!


Save time with Tenchiu

We understand that transferring to a new system may be tiring, but we want to let you know about the many ways Tenchiu® can help you save time, while you can dedicate yourself to other things.

Tenchiu® allows you to save time in different ways:

  • Copy the Lists Function

    You may create your lists quickly by simply copying other lists or pre existing templates in just a few clicks: all gifts complete with fotos, prices and descriptions will be copied along with with the list.

    You will have at disposal a series of options to select what to copy

  • Delegate the spouses

    You may delegate the newlyweds for the completion of the gifts with foto and descriptions, insert the guests and sending invitations to the list.

    You decide what they can and cannot do, for your administration you can easily allow or not any action for the newlyweds.

  • Wire Transfers Reconciliation

    Think about the waste of time for you or your employees in trying to reconciling the wire transfers, not to mention the wrong ones...

    Tenchiu® ti gestisce gli incassi riconciliando i bonifici che riceviamo per conto tuo.

    Le riconciliazioni vengono eseguite manualmente dai nostri tecnici e ricontrollate ogni giorno. Le anomalie vengono comunque gestite da noi.

  • Lists directory on your website

    How much time do you lose in answering the phone and communicating to the guests how to make a gift?

    Your lists can be integrated into your existing web site ( or in a new one which we can create for you) and your guests can search for them directly from there.

    You only have to tell your guests to go on your site ( o write it on the invitations) and when they will be connected to the list our operators will assist them in the purchase.

    Contattaci per vedere degli esempi di integrazione

  • Semplificazione amministrativa

    Non devi giustificare al tuo commercialista tutti i singoli incassi, ti diamo noi la documentazione di ogni singolo incasso da inviare al tuo commercialista.

    Con la modalità Conto Tenchiu gli oneri amministrativi sono a carico nostro.

    Presenti una sola documentazione al tuo commercialista, e via! ;-)

    Contattaci per saperne di più

You save time with our on line Wedding lists
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Tenchiu in details

In details
Grafica e Aspetto
Pagamenti sicuri
    • Create your own List

      Many are the lists you can create: Honeymoon, generic Wedding Lists, Birthdays, Christenings, Events and other recurrences.

      Every List has multiple characteristics all scaleable according to your needs:

      • Visible and protected by Password
      • You may insert fotos and presentation
      • Additional information such as the date of the trip and the destination
      • Wall with List activities and events
      • and much more besides...

      You may copy the current lists to create new ones or insert leverage pre-existing templates from which to start so as not to have to insert all the gifts each time.

    • The Gifts and the Shares

      The gifts that you can insert can be of different types:

      • Gifts at a fixed price
      • Gifts subdivided by shares
      • Free shares (with minimum optional amount)
      • Infinite quotes (for signing up for services or donations)
      • Favorite gifts from the spouses
    • The guest to the List

      You may import the list of guests to the Wedding List or allow the newlyweds to do so in the following ways:

      • Import from an existing Webmail
      • Import from an Excel or CVS file
      • Import from an E-mail program (Win or Mac)
      • Insert the addresses manually
    • Payments and Orders

      You may follow how orders and payments are proceeding, manually manage them (ie for cash payments) or delegate another person.

      You may choose to accept from the following methods of payment:

      • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express, PostePay etc.)
      • Bank Transfer
      • Cash, Debit card and or other traditional form of payments
    • Notifications and Greeting Cards

      You have the chance to be notified about each event of your Lists (orders, gifts, placements, changes, payments, etc.)

      You or the spouses could send the List invitation to all the participants and those who provide the gift could write a greetings card!

      Especially Tenchiu® will allow you to:

      • Customize the invitation with Photos, signature and description
      • Invite the participants to the List
      • Write gift cards with fotos to accompany the gifts
      • See those who still didn't purchase the gift and solicit them
      • Been advised about wire transferts on hold
      • Automatically inform the spouses of the received gifts
    • Agencies Administrative Pannel

      You'll have at your disposal a developed and intuitive Web Administrative Panel that will allow you to manage every aspect of the List

      Designed for the Agency

      Tenchiu® created specifically to meet your needs, was born out of our software and programming experience in managing wedding lists.

      One only management

      From only one interface you will be able to :

      • To manage your clients Lists
      • Insert and invite the guests to each List
      • To keep an eye on the orders and the payments
      • Been advised by e-mail for each order or payment
      • To have detailed report for each List
      • To provide user accesses and detailed permits to your clients
    • Spouses Management

      The spouses will have access to a reserved area where they could personalized the List and interact in respect of the rules that you will establish.

      Everything under control

      You can assign to the newlyweds or delegates permissions for desired modifications without having to worry about the most important aspects.

      The spouses could:
      • Insert and modify the images
      • Complete the gifts with descriptions
      • Insert our personal lists of guests
      • Send the notifications of attendance to the List
      • Pursuing guests and payments
      • To make more specific changes (as to insert or delete gifts etc.)
    • Public Domain of Purchase

      The public domain where the guests are invited to contribute has been designed to present the List at its best.

      Usable and Intuitive

      The guests could easily contribute to buy shares or desired gifts with a simple click.

      Quick and safe Purchase

      Through a wide range of payments and a fast and safe procedure the guests won't be blocked or slowed down in their purchase, but everything will flow in the best possible way

      Online Chat Support

      In case there are any doubts the guest and the Agency can count on real time support via Chat which can assist the user completing their purchase.

  • Free Updatings

    Tenchiu® has been projected to allow all the Agencies to profit of the the last updates, of the new functions and of the adopted news , that will be immediately available for free.


    You wouldn't have to worry about the navigators or devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.) compatibility and of the operative systems because our engeneers constantly monitor the platform and ensure its long-term functioning.

    Suggest new functions

    Did you see elsewhere features that may suit your needs ?No problem! Let us know your ideas and we will evaluate it together!

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