Frequent questions on Tenchiu

  • How much Tenchiu cost?

    The service is 100% FREE for the Agencies. Easy.

  • Where do the gifts money go ?

    La versione GRATUITA prevede l'incasso su un conto corrente italiano dedicato con sistema Anti-Frode. In questo caso avrai svariati vantaggi come la rinconciliazione dei bonifici da parte nostra e molto altro... Guarda le Agenzie che si sono fidate di noi!

    Potrai richiedere gli storni presso il tuo conto ogni volta che vorrai.

    Possiamo comunque configurare Tenchiu® affinché depositi i soldi sul tuo conto senza intermediari. Contact us

  • Can I try it before joining?

    Of course! Fill in the registration form or the Contact us and one of our expert will show you how it works and will give you the access data to to for free and with no commitment our service

  • Who can explain to me how this works ?

    Although it is easy and intuitive, our experts guarantee the necessary training with video support and explanations so you are operative right from the start!

  • Do you customize the Lists ?

    Obviously! Tenchiu® has various tools available to personalize every list, but if those are not enough, ask us for more: nothing is impossible!

  • Can I unsubscribe or disactivate the service ?

    Of course ! At any moment you can deactivate the service . We only hope it will never happen ! ;-)

  • I already have my management or website, how do I handle that?

    Do not despair! Our engeneers would know how to analyze your situation and advise you the faster and safe way to swich to Tenchiu.

    If you already have Lists, Gifts, and data inserted in your system we can transfer them for you!

  • What if I don't understand or experience difficulties?

    No fear! Aside from constantly monitoring the system's functionality our technicians will respond and guide you step by step in resolving your difficulties.

    Not only you have an easy and intuitive system but you could count on the Real-Time assistance!

  • How does it work with the Social?

    In many ways:

    • Notification of new gifts via Facebook
    • Publish posts with well wishes
    • Sharing comments on Facebook
    • Real-time Tweet of the list events
    • Publish posts on your Agency's Facebook page
    • Pin on Pinterest Bulletin boards
    • and much more... fully configurable to your needs!
  • What makes you better than other competitors
    • The service is entirely FREE
    • Tenchiu® è sicuro al 100%! Pagamenti riconciliati e assicurati Anti-Frode!
    • Allows you to directly cash with no intermediaries
    • You may manage all which is necessary via web
    • You may delegate the newlyweds to complete the list
    • Tenchiu reconciles wire transfer for you and manages the repayments
    • Tenchiu is optimized for Mobile, Smartphone and Tablet (even in the administration offices!)
    • Tenchiu is italian and stays in Italy: you can come and visit us, we are near you!

    If you find a better service in the marketplace, we invite you to let us know ... ;-)


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